RGI Inc. Service Fees are designed for each Visa application, document or passport and do not include consular fees or any agency fees. Rates reflect RGI, Inc. service fees ONLY.

The total costs of Visas include all fees paid for consular services into various embassies, consulates of your designated country of travel.

Shipping fees are added last, after the entire process of securing your visas, documents, or passports is completed. Consular fees are subject to change without any advance notice by embassies. Whether you chose to use our services or any other Visa agent, consular fees must be paid at the time your documents are dropped off.

Documents for Authentications, Apostilles, and Legalizations


Standard Processing Service, up to 10 business days or longer $95 Standard Visa processing 8 days and longer $95
Expedited Processing Service from 5-7 business days $165 Expedited Service Visa 5 business days $170
RUSH Processing Service, 3-5 business days $180 RUSH Processing Service 1-3 days $195
Apostilles (Only) Processing Fees - Regular Service, up to 4 business days $60 Saudi - Business Visas & Family Visits

Alert: All applicants require purchase of medical insurance before a visa is issued.
$195.00 plus consular fees and Enjaz
Apostilles (Only) Processing Fees - Expedited Service, 2-3 business days $90    
Embassy Verifications $65    
Notaries $45    
TRANSLATIONS - Fees based per page or word. Please call us for quotes. Three-day service available based on language.      

NOTE: Some embassies may take longer and all fees are subject to change without prior notice. Most embassies base their fees on dollar or euro fluctuations. With some embassies, processing fees may be higher and may take longer, depending on type of Visa and duration of stay.

Unless documents are received by FedEx - First Overnight, i.e. 8:30 AM processing and counting being the NEXT day.


Passport Fees

Regular Service – 10 business days or longer $105.00
Expedited Service – 3-5 business days or less (with proof of urgency i.e., air/ticket itinerary) $150.00
Rush Service – 1-3 business days or longer $250.00
Fees payable to US passport agency: New Passport: $170.00 + 25.00 = $195.00
Same day $300.00


RUSH/EXPEDITED Service Fees are assessed per Visa application or document. Cancelled orders will be assessed with the standard processing fees.

Shipping Rates

FedEx - Overnight by 8:30 AM $70
FedEx - Next Day Priority by noon $35
Saturday Delivery based on location $65-$80 (Based on location)
UPS Next Day Air $30
DHL International (need account number)  

Please call FedEx to verify delivery in your area; in certain areas, FedEx does NOT deliver.

International shipping fees vary by weight and country of origin.


Special Programs

RGI, Inc. offers special rates plans for corporate clients, cruise liners, travel agencies, NGOs, and governmental agencies. Please call for details.

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