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US Passport for Children
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Apply for US Passport for Children

Official documentation process requires an expert professional or a company that caters to all the government documentation procedures including the US passport for children. We at The Royal Group International have been regarded as one of the most dependable and accurate documentation service providers present in the business. The complete staffs of our company have an expertise of over 20 years in tackling US passport for children documentation services at the earliest hour possible.

US Passport for Children

Child Passport

  • This would be your child's first passport
  • Your child is under 16 years old
  • The current passport is damaged


Step 1 - Application Form

Applicant must complete and submit the passport application DS Form 11. The passport application must be completed online at the US Department of State website link below. After completing the new passport application online, print two copies. One copy will be placed inside the hand-carry envelope (which will be processed by the Acceptance Agent) and the second copy should be stapled to the outside of the envelope.

Fill out the DS Form 11 Application Form

Absent parent must fill out DS Form 3053 - Statement Of Consent Or Special Circumstances: Issuance Of A U.S. Passport To A Minor Under Age 14


Step 2 - Passport Photos

You must provide two identical passport photos taken within the past six months.

The photos MUST be 2x2 with a white background.


Step 3 - Proof of Identification

Applicant must have a driver's license or state-issued identification originally issued more than six months ago. Official government or military picture identification is acceptable as well.

If driver's license or state-issued identification is NOT issued more than six months, you need to have someone who has a driver’s license or passport fill out the DS 71 Form and submit a copy of their driver’s license or passport.

Fill out the DS 71 Application Form


Step 4 - Proof of Citizenship

Applicant MUST submit one of the following: 

  • Original birth certificate with a raised seal and file date.
  • Naturalization certificate.
  • Expired U.S. Passport.
  • Report of Consular Birth Abroad.

If you had a previous US Passport but cannot find your birth certificate or Previous US Passport you can have the US Department of State do a file search to look up your proof of citizenship. There is an additional charge of $150 for this service.

Fill out the Request For File Search and Verification of U.S. Citizenship


Step 5 - Proof of Travel

Submit a computer-generated itinerary from a travel agency or online booking agency showing date of departure.

Step 6 - Authorization Letter

Applicant must submit an original "Letter of Authorization" which allows the Royal Group to submit the passport application to the US Department of State. The "Letter of Authorization" should be completed by hand and signed in BLUE pen (to avoid confusion with photocopies). Please print two copies. One copy will be placed inside the hand-carry envelope (which will be processed by the acceptance agent). The second copy should be stapled outside the envelope.

Fill out the Passport Letter of Authorization

Step 7 - Acceptance Agent

Upon completion of all the tasks outlined above, the applicant must appear in person before an acceptance agent. You must inform the agent that you would like to execute a Hand-Carry Passport Application.

Upon executing the application that agent will seal the documents in an envelope and return the sealed envelop to you. You will then ship the documents to us for processing.

Find an Acceptance Agent


Step 8 - Order Form

Submit a order form which provides contact information, service request and payment information.

Fill out the Order Form.



Step 9 - Ship Documents

Ship all passport documents to The Royal Group for processing.

The Royal Group International
2651 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite 201
Washington, DC 20007

The Royal Group recommends FedEx for document shipping. Find a FedEx location near you.




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"Please email us if any questions & we'll get back to you immediately!!"




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