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document legalization services in USA
document legalization services in USA
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document legalization services in USA


document legalization services in USADocument Legalization Services in USA

Businesses keep on growing & expanding day by day and in order to increase the customer's base and profits; a lot of companies & organizations extend their businesses overseas for greener pastures. Different countries have different regulations for any foreign company/organization with plans to establish (a) branch/branches in any particular country. Certain documents are necessary to register and establish any subsidiary in any country so to successfully carry out the operations. In order to establish your organization successfully in any particular country; corporate documents MUST be legalized from the Homebase of the company/ organization before presenting them to the proper authorities of another country.

Problems with Document Legalization Services in USA

Legalization of the documents in USA can be a quite frustrating task. Since the legalization of various documents is necessary; but common man doesn't know or not familiar with which of the documents are necessary for doing business in other countries. Legalizing different documents one by one may prove to be a waste of time and money in the long run.

So it is quite necessary to task the entire process of the documents legalization services in USA to the experts so as to save time, money and get the job done within a required time frame.

The Royal Group International Document Legalization Services in USA

The Royal Group International provides document legalization services in USA. With the help of dedicated team members, we provide the services for documents legalization services. They have the complete knowledge of the certain documents to be legalized and the process involved with them. All the documents processing is done faster than that of the traditional methods. Processing fees of documents legalization's depend on certain embassies 'and urgency. Certain Embassies charge different fees for Expedited/Rush legalization services which may be double or triple of the regular processing fees. We provide the best possible and the fastest delivery to the clients, based on their requirements & urgency. With experience of 20 years and counting in this field, we know the different requirements for any particular country. This helps us provide our clients with the appropriate required documents within the specified time frame. With the latest tracking abilities, technological advancements integrated with our service we continuously keep the clients updated about the progress on the legalization process since it's in stages. The documents are offered with a hassle free experience as requested and save the clients problems associated with documents legalization's. Certain documents for certain countries only require an Apostille and some require proper Authentications.

Processing Times

With the vast and rich experience, your documents are handled and processed with utmost care. However, the fees for Consular Services vary with different embassies and times for processing. Some embassies do charge extra fees for RUSH / EXPEDITED Attestation services and their fees may change without notice. Our agents at the Royal Group are very professional and knowledgeable with embassies’ operations and can always assist with the urgent processing. Our fees may be raised as well as we may have to assign an agent to handle the entire process uninterrupted.

Save your valuable time with the easy and hassle free Documents Legalization and Apostille document services Washington DC. Choose us as your representative to process your passport, travel visa and documents legalization services in USA so you can chase your destination.

The Document Legalization Process

The following provides an overview of the document legalization process:

  • Legal documents intended for use in a country which is a member of the Hague Convention require a notarization called an Apostille, and then State Secretary of State Certification.
  • Legal documents intended for use in a country which is not a member of the Hague Convention require a Chain Authentication or Consularization, a full legalization that includes Notarization, State Secretary of State Certification,Federal Authentication, and then Embassy Legalization.
  • When Exporting goods or working with contracts internationally, there are many documents that require various levels of Authentications or Apostilles, before they will be considered Valid in another country. The Royal Group International knows what is required for each country and, we can always assist in processing your documents in getting all the proper seals from any State of the Union and the Territories. This is something we feel proud of and we're always prepared to render our professional services in preparing your documents for the Global use. Once you tell us which village your documents are to be used (country), you leave the rest of the hustle with us and we shall give you a finished product with all the seals attached and ready to go.

NOTE: For those of you who happen to send many documents to many places, The Royal Group International would like to give you a crush course in Document Legalizations, Authentications & Apostilles. Read our in-depth tutorial at Legalization 101.

Why You Should Use the Royal Group

  • We are based in Washington, DC.
  • As a Single Source Provider (SSP), we possess tracking capabilities and technologies that integrate our services.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced agents use their decades of experience with embassies and Department of State so solve the most complicated travel document issues.
  • The Royal Group provides all cash and other fees up front for you so there are no delays in processing.
  • We offer same-day pick-up and expedited service for your document legalization and translation needs. We ensure your documents are processed properly and efficiently, and for an affordable price (review our rate schedule).

Where to Forward Your Documents

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