A Message from the President/CEO

I would like to thank you kindly for visiting our website which is our business’ home. We have seen many revolutions around the globe which we're all part of and known as the Global Village. Our services are compared next to none. We provide the best professional services to professional travelers; corporate CEOs; group travelers; individual corporations and all peoples from around the globe.

Our services include:

  • Documents Services

  • Apostilles

  • Authentications

  • Legalizations

  • Travel Visas

  • Translations

  • Notaries

  • Passports - New Passports, Child Passport, Change Passport, Lost Passport, Stolen Passport, Renew Passport

  • Consularizations

  • Commercial Invoices

  • Birth and Marriage Certificates

  • And more

We also provide consulting services in:

  • International Business

  • Economics

  • International Relations

Our staff is multilingual, a real benefit in international relations, and visas and documents services. They are true experts who bring over 20 years of experience to every task.

We offer expedited services if needed and regular services for those who are not in hurry. The Royal Group International, Inc. has personal relationships with various embassies in our nation’s capital and, Consulates General in different cities around these United States. This is so important in our business when it comes to the turnaround times for our clients when consular services are needed. Each service request is accorded special attention, be it for same-day passport services from the passport agency; documents authentications; apostilles; legalizations and travel visas. We offer group visa discounts for cruise liners and tour companies.

We go beyond expectations with our clients to lessen painful and sometimes frustrating episodes. Those who have used our services in the past give us high marks for our professionalism and efficiency. We are very familiar with the culture in the Washington diplomatic circles of which most of our business relies upon.
When you plan to see the world, be it for personal, corporate, family or group travel, start with us. We pledge to make your vacation or business travel a time to remember. Please e-mail me directly or give us a call today and we shall work with you on your business or leisure travel plans.

Thank you kindly for your attention and we look forward to serving you in the near future.
With kind regards,


Documents Services, Apostilles, Authentications, Legalizations, Travel Visas, Translations, Notaries, Passports, Consularizations, Commercial Invoices, Birth and Marriage Certificates

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